We are True 2 Materials

Applying frontier nanoscale know-how and materials to solve commercial and environmental challenges at scale.

"Recover ALL materials from ALL batteries for battery re-use"

Better economics. Direct. Closed loop. Cleaner.

True 2 Materials utilizes a proprietary process to fully mine batteries and recover all carbon based materials, lithium, cobalt, manganese, nickel, and other minerals for re-use in an EV battery. We can safely recover everything and provide a direct, closed loop solution to industry.

Current battery recycling is environmentally destructive and economically wasteful.

Total Value of Materials Recovered - Total cost of Recovery = T2M Win. Make recycling profitable. Why spend more and do greater harm to get less valuable materials, less efficiently?

Commercial Applications

Meeting real challenges? We are too.

Our nanoscale molecules have produced the world’s first morphological superconductors, high temperature superconducting nanotubes, and an entirely new way of turning electron energy into light in ceramic powders. We are only getting started. Our Total Material Recovery™ processes have been used to recover EV battery materials for immediate re-use in batteries. A different TMR tuning has recovered spent AGM or Super Absorbent Powder (SAP) from a used nappy. The recovered material performs on par with virgin materials absorbing as much and as quickly.

We are working on solutions for the Energy, Mining, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, and Healthcare industries.

We design and manufacture next generation materials to commercial standards, they are not only for the lab, or to produce research papers.

We are interested in partnering to develop solutions that leverage our knowledge and unique materials and processes to solve real world massive scale problems.

High Temperature Superconductors?

Operating at liquid nitrogen temperatures we have developed a completely new way to make HTSC in a variety of forms. They are not brittle and can be shaped including into traditional coils. We are hard at work creating a standard wire, printable ink and 3D resins. Our secret sauce relies on our nanoscale molecules, there is nothing like them on the market.

Academic and Research Institutions

There is so much waiting to be discovered.

What are you working on?

We are seeking partners to do fundamental use research on our molecules. We are working on frontier applications in high temperature superconductors, next generation material recovery, mining, catalysts, crop Science and Pharmaceutical delivery. If you are a leading researcher and utilizing nano scale powders, reach out and learn how the best materials can help you achieve your targets.

A building blocks approach

Why sacrifice performance with Nanomaterials that are less active and too large?

Our powders are simple building blocks. Less is very much more. If you are working with 20-50nm sizes, we suggest seeing what can be done in the 5-20nm range with highly active molecules superior to anything on the market. Need smaller still? Reach out, we can go smaller.

Meet the founders

It's about what we can build together.

We are looking to partner with innovative companies working on real solutions and products, knowledgable investors and scientists. We seek talent capable of creating the future right now.

If you are technical and can contribute, reach out and tell us how.

Richard Carlow

Richard Carlow

Richard has spent his professional career in Japan, teaching executives at Panasonic for 14 years before working in recruitment for almost a decade, mostly with Robert Half International. He co-founded True 2 Materials to realize his lifelong goal of solving significant problems through applying novel science and technology.

“We are focused on EV Batteries and other environmental nightmares where our proprietary processes can have the greatest positive impact on the environment and bottom line.”

William Rieken

William Rieken

William earned a Doctor of Science from the Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST). A former US Marine and veteran of the scientific community with a history of leading edge research in scientific visualization, image processing, low temperature diamond film production, HTC superconductors, massive neuron and glial cell simulation, solar engineering, 2D materials development and unmanned vehicle R & D.

William has served as a NAS consultant for UVS EU airspace rules.

Atit Bhargava

Atit Bhargava

Dr. Bhargava is an educator and a research scientist with over 35 years of research in material science. He believes we are in the beginnings of an exciting era of innovation brought about by frontier materials and the application of new technologies to some of our oldest problems. After finishing his PhD in the USA on ferroelectric materials, Atit has worked in the USA and Australia in diverse areas of manufacturing, R&D, defence research and education. His research areas of interest are glass, glass-ceramics, high temperature superconductors, nanoscale and frontier materials, graphene, and biomaterials.

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