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Graphene and sub-nanometer molecular powder-based solutions for industry

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We are working on solutions in the Energy, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, and Healthcare industries.

We design and manufacture next generation materials to commercial standards.

We are focused on partnering to develop new products that leverage our knowledge and materials. Available today, our patent pending super-conducting sub-nanometer fine molecular powders greatly expand and revolutionize applications that utilize high temperature superconductivity. Our ultraconducting graphene offers compelling performance without the need for cooling.

Our current research has produced a new high temperature superconductor that opens the technology to new areas of immediate application.

Commercial Applications

Meeting real challenges? We are too. 

Our “Paintable” High Temperature Superconductors allow for new ways to bring the performance of superconductivity to Energy production, transmission and distribution saving our clients significant costs while allowing them to offer a better product.

We develop and co-develop our products to match the needs of our customers. Graphene, low dimensional materials, and sub-nanometer molecules effectively applied create unmatched product performance and we can prove it.

"Paintable" High Temperature Superconductors?

That's right, paintable. Operating at liquid nitrogen temperatures this new form factor is not brittle and can be added to shapes, including coils.

If you understand the value of HTS cables in the Energy industry and have an interest in extending that type of performance to other parts of your infrastructure please do get in touch with us. In short, we will save you money.

Academic and Research Institutions

There is so much waiting to be discovered.

What are you working on?

How can we contribute?

We are seeking partners to do fundamental therapeutic use research on our sub-nanometer molecules. These molecules are like nothing else on the market and have frontier applications we are exploring with leading research institutions.

Carbon-based building blocks

Why sacrifice performance with a substrate?

True 2 Materials are the world leader in the research and development of nanostructure films only a few atoms thick.

We produce our own graphene for use in powders, coatings, inks, solutions, paints as well as finished products like high temperature superconductors.

Meet the founders

It's about what we can build together.

We are looking to partner with innovative companies working on real solutions and products, knowledgable investors and scientists. We seek talent capable of creating the future right now.

If you are technical and can contribute, reach out and tell us how.

Richard Carlow

Richard Carlow

We are on the cusp of a revolution in new materials that will propel us exponentially forward as a society. We founded True 2 Materials because we saw this frontier as the chance to go beyond "business as usual" and create significant change.

We are not a material supply company. We partner to create next generation products from design, through manufacture.

Whether utilizing our 2D carbon building blocks or our molecular powders we are driven to create new products, new standards of excellence and defensible value for our partners.

William Rieken

William Rieken

William is a former US Marine and veteran of the scientific community with a history of leading edge research in scientific visualization, image processing, low temperature diamond film production, HTC superconductors, massive neuron and glial cell simulation, solar engineering, quantum chemistry and 2D materials development and unmanned vehicle R & D.

William has also served as a consultant for various government agencies and research centers around the globe.

Atit Bhargava

Atit Bhargava

Atit is an educator and a research scientist with over 35 years of research in material science. He believes that we are at the cusp of an exciting innovation revolution brought about by frontier materials and new technologies. After finishing his PhD in the USA on ferroelectric materials, Atit has worked in the USA, India and Australia in diverse areas of manufacturing, R&D, defence research and education. His research areas of interest are glass, glass-ceramics, high temperature superconductors, nanoscale and frontier materials, graphene, and biomaterials.

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