We are True 2 Materials

Graphene-based thin and thinner films, free of substrate

"The Future Right Now"

True 2 Materials TM simple, high speed manufacturing process (patents pending) enables production of large, substrate independent, graphene (G) and graphene oxide (GO) films.

Volume production and specific tuning of our films will make it possible for our partners to bring G and GO based products to commercial markets across multiple industries.

Commercial Applications

Meeting real challenges? We are too. 

We develop and co-develop our films to match your specifications. If you are exploring graphene-based or other low dimensional films, consider the performance and benefits of utilising substrate independent materials.

Take advantage of our films and invest in making superior products.

We are committed to creating defensible value to our partners.

How Thin is Thin?

Bilayer, Trilayer, 4 - 6 atoms thin or thicker?

We offer new standards of:

  • consistency - homogeneous control over layer number
  • quality - crystallinity, domain size and edge structure
  • strength - orientation, spatially self-aligned G and GO structures
  • control - superior management of underlying mechanisms for graphene film production

Our materials are available in a variety of custom shapes, dimensions and engineered specifications.

Academic and Research Institutions

There is so much waiting to be discovered.

What are you working on?

How can we contribute?

Our films are without peer. What could you create with them?

Carbon-based building blocks

True 2 Materials are the world leader in the research and development of nanostructure films only a few atoms thick.

Whether you are looking at one material, doped or low dimensional composite films: Why alter performance with a substrate?

Meet the team

It's about what we can build together.

We are looking to partner with innovative companies working on real solutions and products, knowledgable investors and scientists. We seek talent capable of creating the future right now.

If you are technical and can contribute, reach out and tell us how.

Richard Carlow

We are on the cusp of a revolution in new materials that will propel us exponentially forward in many key fields. We founded True 2 Materials because we saw this as the chance to go beyond “business as usual”. As graphene findings grab the headlines, we know further material discoveries and composites will follow. We will continue to lead in turning these materials into thin films that redefine performance benchmarks.

Whether you are working on these low dimensional films themselves or new products that take advantage of their superior specifications, we will all succeed faster working together.

William Rieken

William is a former US Marine and veteran of the scientific community with a history of leading edge research in scientific visualisation, image processing, low temperature diamond film production, HTC superconductors, massive neuron and glial cell simulation, solar engineering, 2D materials development and unmanned vehicle R & D.

William has served as a NAS consultant for UVS EU airspace rules.

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